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Over the years we have tried a number of modeling programs, including sketchup, Creo, and Solidworks. Creo and Solidworks have a steep learning curve, but we highly recommend them. Parametric modeling is very powerful once one is proficient with them. Solidworks has many useful features such as the ability to constrain a dimension off of a belt length or vice-versa. Our older models were done in Sketchup and are available on Thingiverse using the links below.

Thingiverse Library


Alternate Thingiverse Library

Keep in mind

If your team is just getting into using CAD for your robot design, be sure to not over-emphasize it's use. No matter how well you plan in CAD, problems will still arise while fabricating and testing and you must allot enough time for that. This looks different for every team, but we generally start building towards the end of week one, while concurrently planning the next phases using CAD.

Axis M1013 camera

The Axis M1013 camera used to be the camera of choice for FRC robots. It is now mostly phase out, but if your team needs an adjustable hard mount for it, you're in luck. We designed it for our robot Sledge Hammer because we needed a solid mount that would keep our camera sight in alignment. Instructions and files to 3D print one can be found here:

M1013 Camera Mount